Chocolate Cafe

Our Story

Belgishé Chocolatier is the brainchild of Ramon and Devan, known as the Chocolate Brothers, a vision dreamed up during their long drives with their own BMW Gang. The café located at Mall 163 Kiara Park, Mont Kiara, represents a dream come true for chocoholics. The Chocolate Brothers are determined to introduce their customers to the best of unadulterated Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate. To this end the café serves chocolate shots, guaranteed to satisfy the taste of the most demanding chocoholic. The shots are served neat and ready to be downed at one go. The café serves an array of offerings. The chef prepares a base comprising pancakes, crepes or crisp waffles to be dipped or drowned on chocolate, in accordance with customers taste. Those who want a sugar rush can opt for churros sprinkled with sugar and topped with chocolate; food for the gods indeed! Health conscious customers may opt for chocolate fondue with fruits. The café serves an array of beverages, including aromatic coffee made from Ethiopian beans and imported from Melbourne. The coffee is the creation of Justin Metcalf, World Barista Judge and is guaranteed to appeal to caffeine addicts. Its rich taste and aroma distinguishes it from other brands and it is a must have at Belgishé Chocolatier. The combination of the best coffee and chocolate is to die for.

Get to know us


We want every customer to have a memorable experience when entering our outlet. We have products exported from Belgium to delight chocolate lovers whether you are into white, milk or dark chocolate. Should you not be invested into chocolate, we have a wide range of products that can rise up to the occasion which include fruity based products and flavourful drinks which will tickle your taste buds.



Our staff will tend to your every need, which includes guiding you on what items on the menu based on your likings, as well as to make you feel warm & welcomed especially if there is a personal special occasion. Your feedback is always important for us to improve customer experience as much as possible.